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Part 2: Ashita no kimi to au tame ni July 31, 2012

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[jrazy] Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni OP - Hashimoto Miyuki - Time [800x600][10bit][A4D5ABC0].mkv_thumbs_[2012.07.31_12.49.43]

This is the opening of Asukimi which was released in 2007. I just like this opening theme, sung by Hashimoto Miyuki, called Time.

I hope you guys like the song and my sub!

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Reminiscence of Old Games: Part 1 July 30, 2012

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[jrazy] Primitive Link Opening - Hashimoto Miyuki - Eternal Sky [720p][10bit][3A8572C2].mkv_thumbs_[2012.07.30_17.07.11]

Hello everyone!

Today, I want to share my old collection of games’ opening, subbed. This is the first project from Purple Software Games’ Opening Collection that I happened to be so fond of. The first opening is from Primitive Link which was released in 2006, sung by Hashimoto Miyuki, the song called Eternal Sky.

I hope you guys enjoy it like I do!

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Hatsuyuki Sakura 2nd Opening Theme April 3, 2012

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Here’s the 2nd opening of Hatsuyuki Sakura!

If you like fripside, then you’ll gonna love this song. High-beat yet easy listening, a trademark of their work.

The song called Hesitation Snow, a fitted song for a great game.

Check it out guys!

“Of course it has karaoke fx and English translation”


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Hatsuyuki Sakura 1st Opening Theme

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It’s been a while since I wrote my last post…

Anyway, this is my latest work of fansubbing. It’s an opening song from a VN which I played recently. The latest product from Saga Planets, has an epic story, and of course terrific CG works. All the heroine were MOE…

You really gonna love this music video, a solemn song sung by KOTOKO, the title is Presto.

Enjoy it!

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Wikipedia: Under its rule China achieved one of its highest levels of culture and prosperity.


Ai no Niwa June 4, 2010

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Performed by Duca

深い眠り 遥かな夢を見てるような

柔らかく頬を撫でる 優しい風

空の青 花のしずく 生命(いのち)を与える

終わらないメロヂイが 照らしたヒカリ

悲しくて雨 真っ暗な不安 導かれるように ほら

いらしゃい アイの庭

今はここで おやすみ

未来(あした) は あなたが



星屑メロヂイが 奏でる願い

寂しくて雨 曇り空にらむ 手を伸ばしてみて ほら

おかえり アイの庭

いつもここで 持ってる

未来(あした) は あなたの


生まれゆく今日 消えるまでずっと 優しい時間(とき) 流れる

さよなら アイの庭

誰もが皆 旅人

未来(あした) は あなたが



Ai no Niwa

Performed by Duca

fukai nemuri harukana yume wo miteru youna

yawarakaku hoho wo naderu yasashii kaze

sora no ao hana no shizuku inochi wo ataeru

owaranai merodii ga terashita hikari

kanashikute ame makkura na fuan michibikareru youni hora

irashai ai no niwa

ima wa koko de oyasumi

ashita wa anata ga

egao ni naru sono sekai he… saa…

akane iro toketeyuku yasashii yuuyami

hoshikuzu no merodii ga kanaderu negai

sabishiikute ame kumorizora niramu te wo nobashite mite hora

okaeri ai no niwa

itsumo koko de matteru

ashita wa anata mo

yume ni todoku kono sekai he… kitto…

umareyuku kyou kieru made zutto yasashii toki nagareru

sayonara ai no niwa

daremo ga minna tabibito

ashita wo anata ga

mata ippo fumidaseru youni… saa…


Garden of Love

Performed by Duca

In the deepest sleep, I seems to see a dream

The breeze wind that touch my cheeks softly

The blue sky and flower’s drip give live

The never-ending melody is shining on us

As if we were being guide by the sad rain and the bottomless anxiety, let’s depart

Welcome to the garden of love

We rest here for now

Until tomorrow,

when it will take you to the world fill with laughter… shall we…

The twilight which melt into madder red

The stardust melody sing our wishes

Try to reach your hands toward the lonely rain and stare at the cloudy sky

Welcome home to the garden of love

I will always wait for you here

Until tomorrow,

when it will take you to the world that will granted wishes… for sure…

From the day of my born till the time i will perish, the time was flowing tenderly

Goodbye the garden of love

Everyone are travelers

I wish for a tomorrow,

that you able to step forward… shall we…

Duca – Ai no Niwa.mp3


hoshizora he kakaru hashi May 21, 2010

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Company: フォン (feng)
Game site: 星空へ架かる橋
Release date: June 25, 2010 Delayed to July 30, 2010


Places that can be seen above the hill are covered with sunset…
For the sake of his little brother [Hoshino Ayumu] treatment, the protagonist [Hoshino Kazuma] move to a town surrounded by beautiful mountains [Yamabikochou], renting a room in an inn [Yoroduyo]. In the first day of his transfer, getting lost in the ways, he met a girl from the school he’ll be attended [Nakatsugaya Ui] and she showed him the way the the school. But the way she lead was as bad as an animal trail. By the time he tried to cross a river, he fell down and accidently bring Ui’s down to touch her lips. Moreover, the scene was seen by Ui’s best friend [Hinata Ibuki].  A glimpse, the surprising event, Ui that looks unbothered, and the hostile glance from Ibuki to Kazuma who pushed down her best friend. The big accident open the curtain to Kazuma’s countryside life, what will happened next?

(translated from Getchu.com)



The new release date has been announced by feng, after being pushed back to May. I know, the first release date was February. I think they pushed the release date too much, but I hope the game will not be disappointing. This is the 6th project, made by feng. The 5th project was Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka, which has been made into an anime. After I look a glimpse at this game, I could only said that I kinda like the artwork. The story may seems a bit classic, but hey! I like this kind of melancholic story, and I hope the joke will be as crunchy as well. The problem is how will feng pack the story, the flow of the story is also important. So, I guess I’ll wait for the release and play this game afterward.


Internet Users Increase May 14, 2010

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This is my first time as blogger. I wish it’ll worth a while to jam my time here.

As time goes, information medias in internet getting more and more  needed. The increase of internet users has become prominent and increasing rapidly. As we can see, the number of internet users approximately 26.6% (world total population is 6,767,805,208).

People may use internet to search for information, download medias, or maybe to have a chat with friends. The used of internet are varies, depends on how people use it. Regarding the aspects of positive and negative, we can certainly say that there are more benefits to the use of internet.

We can’t take anything for granted, as we have to take responsibility of each actions that we made.